Why do they always do "New and Improved"????

Two years ago I ordered the super neat Xyron 510- a laminator, sticker maker and magnet maker. Guess what? Its discontinued and you can't readily buy re-fill cartridges for it. The machine is great, works perfectly well. I DO NOT understand why companies do this. Now in its place, they have the Xyron 900 series...and it doesn't do the magnets! That was the main reason I bought it!!! It must be a marketing ploy, who knows. Puts me in mind of the "Igia" personal paraffin waxer. If you bought one, you were supposed to get a life time supply of wax for it ...have you tried to look up Igia? Good luck on that one.... :>)


  • Opus Gluei Poobahs | April 18, 2009 8:29 AM

    Hon, you are preaching to the choir and I'm yelling AMEN, sistah! Yes, what is the deal with the companies getting us hooked on their fabulous tools and then, whoops, we're discontinuing them! Isn't the Xyron 900 the series they discontinued a couple of years ago? Are they now bringing it back because I think I dumped mine when I couldn't get refill cartridges.

    This is a way to kill off any sense of customer loyalty. Do you think writing a complaint letter will do ANY good?