Writing for Others....

Please forgive my absence and lack of posts on my blog. Priorities shift and at this time I have been so busy writing for other people's blogs I have sorely neglected my own. I still do all the things I normally do: Crafting, Decorating, Cooking and all of it, but I have embarked on a new endeavor - being a free-lance writer.

I have found that being a free-lance writer is not only challenging but enjoyable for me. Learning new things everyday is a part of the job that I find the most interesting. The pay is nothing to write home about, but as I get closer to early retirement, I think that this will be one of the many things I will continue to do and relish.

My Mystery Party games have also been selling at an amazing rate. They have been well received all over the world and that creative side of my writing will be one that I continue to explore. Last year alone, I authored four of these scripts which take on average six to 12 weeks, each. That type of writing takes clever dialogue, interesting characters and reasonable outcomes to deduce the culprit.

I am not saying "farewell" but rather "I'll be back". I need to find a balance between my family, writing professionally, working full-time and all of my other interests. I'll be posting once in awhile in the future, but not on a weekly basis. I want to thank all of my faithful readers for staying with me...I have made many good friends from blogging and each are dear to me.

Enjoy the upcoming week and let's all hope "Spring has Sprung!".