Back again!

Just returned from vacation number 2 this summer... This time a nice visit with my best friend and family down in Texas. It was way, too short, but we had a blast! Had some wonderful news when I returned article I submitted to the Teacher's Gazette was accepted for publication! I am very happy about that.

Now on to the business at hand... Supper, the fresh peach pie in the oven and the mound of vacation laundry to tackle...

I hope to post again soon. Just in case you have forgotten what I look like, here is a pix of my husband and myself on our trip.

"Mayday, Mayday....Murder" was just published last night! This was a custom written game that I revised for the general public a few weeks ago. For those of you who are not familiar with the writing process, it takes several weeks from completion to the actual publishing of the work. Here is the premise of the game:

What started out as a routine flight to the Galapagos Islands ended in disaster when, as the result of unforeseen weather, the aircraft was forced to crash-land on an uncharted island. Due to the skill of the pilot, Captain Skyler King, everyone survived unharmed…at least, that was the original situation.

Not long after the survival tents were pitched, the Captain was found dead in his tent. Was it from natural causes or will the next radio message be, “Mayday, Mayday…Murder”?

Here is the link so you can read all about the interesting characters and who knows, you might even want to play it, sometime!

It was a great weekend and then on to serious business for most of the day. I have started my newest Mystery Party - "Twisted at the Transylvanian"... an interesting mix of characters from all walks of life. My goodness, who could resist playing Pam Pyre, the Disco Dancer, John Wolfman, the DJ, Jacques Rippiere the French Surgeon or Ivanna Hunt, the Safari guide? Many other characters are in the mix.

I'll try to keep you posted on all the happenings at the Transylvanian as it goes, but at the meantime, so far, so good.

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