I had surgery on Thursday to remove the "Growth" on my left wrist.(AND, I'm left-handed!) Yes, after 15 years of annoying pain and unsightliness, I elected to have my pesky ganglion cyst removed.
I don't mean to sound like a whiney-hiney, but this keeping my arm elevated with a heavy cast and not being able to lift or move anything is getting old...quick! The arm itself is not THAT painful, but more of a pain in the "you know what" to follow Doctor's orders!
I will be off work and out of the crafting scene until Thanksgiving. So unlike me, not having 3 projects going at once, but its necessary for the healing. Happy Healing to me and Happy Halloween to YOU! :>)

What's for Supper?

October has been an uber busy month, as always! With Birthdays, Pumpkin Patches to visit, Halloween Parties and town Festivals, it seems there is always something to do!!!

On this day, I'm taking it pretty easy, sitting in my recliner with my yarn and hook, working on a particularly complicated lace scarf. To avoid the Sunday evening question, "What's for Supper?", I put some chicken breasts in the crock pot to cook and I'm going to make Chicken Kisses.
If you click on the link, you can see how easy Aimee's recipe is. I think it will really hit the spot on this cool Autumn evening. Of course, I'll have to make some mashed potatoes to go with all the gravy and creamy goodness! Thanks to Aimee for sharing this and many other delicious recipes!
I finally completed the Halloween Rag Quilt today!!!! Got up extra early this morning to finish clipping the last 2 rows 'cause I wanted to get it finished in time to ENJOY it this season. The finished quilt measures a little under 5 foot by 5 foot (due to slight shrinkage during the washing today). It just started to "rag out" on the first wash and dry in the following pictures. Can't wait until the seams get the wonderful chenille-like softness...

I'm pleased...hope you like it, too!

Here's more of a close up:

"Owl" Keep You Warm!

Dear Daughter's Birthday is right around the corner and she wanted a pair of cheery owl slippers which had really caught her eye. So.... being the dutiful mother I am, I decided to make her a pair. It was a real "hoot" when the newest Opus-Gluei challenge happened to be Owls. These are made from plain ol' Red Heart yarn, some scraps of Simply Soft and a size G crochet hook. A fun project, in my opinion!