I am double posting today, but as I said earlier, I really get my "craft" on in the Fall. I have been working on a Halloween Rag Quilt and finished sewing the blocks together this afternoon. I took a break from clipping seams and when I turned around, my little Blue-eyed cat had jumped up on my work table and curled up on it to take a snooze. Oh well, it will have to be washed 2 or 3 times anyway to rag out the seams. She does look kinda cute laying there.

Fall rejuvenates me. Its this time of year that I really get my "craft" on and start making things I couldn't bring myself to start during the hot, lazy days of summer.

Thought I'd share my recently finished Halloween Altered Bag Book. I posted a 2 page spread earlier of the "Little Witches Dancing" and thought I'd show the rest of the book completed.

This is the cover. I used masking tape and several painting techniques before doing the Mod Podge transfer method for the image.

Here's another 2-page spread of just some random stuff I thought would look nice at the time.

I really like the crow and the Ouji Board idea that I saw in another Halloween Book on a search - yes, its NOT my original idea, but what the heck.... Thanks to the person who did think of it!!!!!

Here is the last page. By the time I was here, I just wanted to finish it. I already had the image, so just glued it in and added a few embellishments. I do seal all of the pages with either Mod Podge or clear acrylic spray for protection.

Hope you like it! It was fun to make.
I must admit, I'm ready for Fall. After the long, hot summmer, Autumn brings the promise of cooler days and crispy evening temperatures. For his first trip to the local Pumpkin Patch next month, I made my little grandson this cute crocheted pumpkin hat. It fits him perfectly and he loves the bright orange color!

I used Peanutz Mom's pattern, only I used a "G" sized hook instead of an "H". I thought the larger hook would render a hat too large and I was correct. The G hook was perfect for him. This is a "very do-able in an afternoon" project, so maybe you'll get inspired to bring out your hooks and yarn to make a little one in your life a Pumpkin Hat, too... Enjoy!
I thought I'd share a two-page spread from the altered Halloween bag book I'm currently working on. Originally thought I'd use 3 plain brown paper bags for the book (12 pages), but now I'm leaning toward only using 2.

Pictures forthcoming of the finished product!


Once again, I was inspired last week while "blogging" around. So inspired, I actually made a trek to the local kitchen linen store AND the fabric place. The source of my inspiration was this uber cute Halloween kitchen towel! Being the practical person I am, I opted for Autumn prints so they can be used until Thanksgiving. Hopeful they will be finished by next weekend. ( Have another busy week coming up! )


With cooler weather approaching, I just HAD to make this cute candy corn hat for my little 7 month old grandson! The pattern I used can be found here. I did make one change to the pattern to make it a little bigger...on the 8th row, I increased 4 stitches evenly spaced, as the pattern was sized for a newborn. Can't wait for him to try it on later today. Sure hope it fits!

BUT, I couldn't stop with just a candy corn hat! With all of the orange, yellow and white yarn left, I was called to make something else. So, back to, what else? COASTERS! Here for your viewing pleasure and crafty inspiration, I share my candy corn coasters. Enjoy!