The Altered Book for recipes is almost finished. Taking it home tonight so hubby can drill the holes in the top for the ring binders. Hope to have the pages cut and in by Friday so I can start scanning all those recipes over the weekend.

Knitting By Night...

Left my Altered Book for recipes on the work table for the weekend and finished a baby sweater and little felt slippers for 3 - 6 month little girl that I had on the back burner. The sweater is my own pattern. The baby slippers were adapted from a free pattern found at :

I think they turned out so adorable. :>) I named this set "Princess Perfect". I already have some ideas for a whole line of "Princess " sets.

Well, I did some tissue paper collage under the fruit wallpaper border I cut out of the book. then I scanned a pix from one of my Mom's old cookbooks, cut it out and glued it on top. this is going to have to have many coats of mod podge before I get it smooth!

Back to Blogging!

Here I am, I'm back after a 3 month leave from blogging. Decided it was time to get back into it!

I've done several projects in the last few months and I hope to get pixes of some posted here, to share.

Today I started on an altered book I'm going to make into a recipe book for my favorite recipes. You know, the ones written on little scraps of paper or on the back of a grocery list? Anyway, I started with an old discarded book...

Then I used an old discarded wall paper sample book and covered the inside and outside with co-ordinating paper. This should be fun to put together... I think I'll have my husband drill holes and use key rings to bind it!