Memphis Memories Bag Book

Just started another paper bag scrapbook today, for ME! This one is totally different from the travel one I made for Mom. I used 3 normal brown lunch bags and some very heavy chipboard scraps for the covers to construct it. I wanted the covers to be heavy and protective of the pages. The color scheme is not my usual ... but since this is a memory book from an all girls' trip to Memphis, I wanted to go "bold and fun". Usually I go with more muted colors in the ivory, greens, rose and gold tones in my work. The book measures approx. 5.5" x 5.5". I did tissue paper collage in red, on the edges, before binding and adding the vintage wall paper and sheet music accents. I haven't decided whether I will paint the bag pages or not... time will tell... here is a shot of the inside, I used scalloped scissors on the edges of the bags and made some pockets for tags, too...

I'm so excited about it... haven't made something for myself in a while!!!!!! I really wanted to have all the memories of that trip in a tangible form... such a wonderful trip with my daughter and my dearest friends... it was one trip of a lifetime that can never be topped.


  • Rosemary | May 03, 2009 10:10 AM

    I'm happy to know you're taking a little time to make something for yourself - isn't that how it is with us crafty folks?

    This looks fun! Do we get to see it when you put in the pics and ephemera from your trip?