Want some Candy??? Free Candy????

No, not the kind you eat... This is blog candy for crafters! The gals over at Opus Gluei are having "blog candy give-aways"!!!!!! I just saw the pictures and let me tell you, my mouth is watering. It is a huge amount of all kinds of crafting "stuph". You should hurry on over and read all about it. Or, maybe not... if you don't, then that means there will be more entries for me to win some of it... Seriously, just click HERE if you'd like to win some free crafting "candy". These gals are being so generous and if you have never heard of Opus Gluei, you should go check out their blog...it is as great as they are. Good Luck and tell 'em Craftola sent ya!!!! *grin*


  • Rosemary | April 29, 2009 1:00 AM

    YAY! Thank you for the shout out - oh, yeah, you are going to maximize your chances.

    You've been tagged to do a getting to know you thingy - 8 Meme - it's a series of lists of things (all in 8's)

  • Jana | April 30, 2009 12:51 PM

    Thank you for mentioning the Blog Candy over at Opus Gluei. Good luck.