The Eights...well more like 6 ~ Eights

My new friend Rosemary tagged me for this... so here goes, and not in an order of importance:

Eight Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. Warm Weather

2. School being out (I'm a teacher!)

3. A vacation down to New Orleans in June

4. Spending time with my best friend at her house in August (* I hope)

5. New Carpet in my living room

6. Being a grandmother someday

7. Writing a novel

8. Retirement

Eight Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Taught 9 classes of art

2. Cleaned the kitchen

3. Cooked dinner

4. Did some laundry

5. Interacted with over 200 people

6. Checked emails

7. Worked on my Memphis Memory Book

8. Watched HGTV

Eight Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Be more forgiving to myself and others

2. Be a better writer

3. Know how to light a grill and cook on it

4. Heal the sick

5. Know thyself

6. Lose weight quickly

7. Spend more time with my family and best friends

8. Grow flowers

Eight Shows I Watch:

1. Andy Griffith

2. Snapped

3. That's Clever

4. Biography Channel

5. Lingo

6. Sell this House

7. Divine Design

8. Any movie on TV that stikes my interest

(Yeah, I'm pretty boring on the TV shows!)

Eight things I'm grateful for:

1. My wonderful family (husband and daughter included on family!)

2. My friends

3. My mind.... beleive it or not, I am smart.....

4. My workable hands

5. My eyesight

6. My home

7. My creativity

Eight things that I randomly like:

1. The smell of freshly dried laundry from the the clothesline

2. When my cat "walks" on her hind legs all by herself

3. Making things that are pretty and useful

4. Going into "junk" shops and finding a treasure

5. Playing practical jokes on friends

6. Pleasant surprises

7. Chocolate Chip cookies right from the oven

8. Making people laugh

Its harder than you'd think - to limit the lists!


  • Rosemary | May 03, 2009 10:06 AM

    I LOVE IT! I love getting to know you more - and yes, I found that keeping the lists to 8 was TOUGH!!!

    I used to love Andy Griffith as a little kid, had SUCH a CRUSH on Opie. Seriously, loved me some OPIE.

    Yes, I believe you are smart - in fact, you're definitely one of those really sharp people! No, not just because you belong to Opus-Gluei (although that is a contributing factor - hee hee)