A Celebration of Friendship since Childhood...

This is a surprise gift for my best friend since childhood. I started it a couple days ago...She lives 950 miles away, but despite that fact, we have always remained very close, almost like sisters... Its a 3.5" x 5" wooden plaque that I painted and distressed, then I've collaged pictures and ephemera also. I still want to add some ribbon and lace...perhaps some drilled holes with wire and beadwork, too. Just wanted to share the progress. Hopefully, I'll have it finished int the next couple of days. :>)


  • Rosemary | April 20, 2009 8:09 PM

    She is going to love it and I want to see its progress as you are working on it. That's always cool to see, when you watch a project unfold.

    How great that you have remained such close friends, that's beautiful to hear/read.

    Don't faint, but I finally responded to my e-mails. I told you not to faint, wake up now! (hee hee)