White Elephant Auction Today... :>)

My RHS Ladies Club is back in action today, after our 2 month hiatus for summer. We're having our annual White Elephant Auction! I'm hosting and am ready for a fun afternoon. We wrap up our "goodies", give a starting bid and a cryptic clue as to what it is. No one knows for sure what they're bidding on until it is paid for and unwrapped! It is a lot of fun and it is one of our major fun-raisers for our Chapter's Treasury. Of course everything we spend is eventually spent back for our merry-making on future parties and expenses. Just incase you're wondering, we are not your typical RHS group... Our members range from 26 - 57, we get rowdy and love to have fun. Our motto is "What is said or done in the Chapter, stays in the Chapter".... everyone can be themselves in a bond of "Sisterhood".
I'll let you all in on what I've wrapped up for this afternoon's event. From down in my basement, I found a wooden "country" cat and a 2 liter "Hardees" thermos. Then from my attic, I dug around and found the most wonderful item, ever...a never opened plug-in Carbon Monixide tester and just what every gal might need: An emergency kit for when you have a fight with your spouse - all in a can...again-never opened. The unopened things are my "high" ticket items!!!!! Starting bid $2 and $3 .....LOL
The Auctioneer can make or break sales and one of our members volunteers every year to do it. She is the best and makes the most of every item! Usually on this deal we make enough to fund our Halloween Party w/spouses, our November meeting and December Christmas Party.
Oops, better get going...almost ime to get my snacks ready. The gals should start arriving in about 1/2 an hour. Cheers!