Productive Monday

I made significant progress on my newest endeavor, an altered book. Actually, my hands are cramping from all of the intricate bead work going all around the front and back covers. Having time yesterday to plan exactly how I wanted to do everything was helpful, then a trip to the craft store to buy the supplies and double check my plan of action made it all fall into place when it came time to do the work... helped my brain, but boy do the ol' hands ache this evening.

The base of the book is completed inside with two niche' front and back. My plan is to have hidden pockets within the front cover that hold 4 over sized decorated tags. The book front and back are about half-way completed with the bead work, applied fabric to the spine that overlaps the front and back. It's all here in my head and I can see it as I type, but hard to explain. I'll try to take a quick shot of it tomorrow to share with those who are interested. For now, I must bid ado.