The Trick is in the Treat!

It was one of those nights this week....neither Hubby nor I wanted to cook and nothing ordered out sounded good to us. Thus, checking our pantry and fridge, THIS is what we had! The most scrumptious...the most fabulous.....chili-cheese fries!!!!!!!!!!

Granted, this is not the healthiest of food. I know this. Its loaded with salt, fat and God only knows what else, but on a cool Autumn evening when no one wants to cook, this is a real treat! Quick, easy and filling, it one of my favorite comfort foods. All you need is a bag of frozen french fries, a can of chili and some shredded cheese to create this fine trick of a treat. Are you hungry, yet?


  • Rosemary | November 06, 2010 10:36 AM

    OMG - that sounds so good on a cold, bleak fall night. Worth every calorie, and yes, that's definitely a treat in my book.

    I'm really glad you are back to playing with us at Opus Gluei, we've missed you terribly.

  • Craftola | November 06, 2010 5:06 PM

    If only I had can't imagine how good those smelled and tasted!!! As I said, the trick is in the treat!!!! LOL