Fiber Art Scarves

Yippee! My order of Solvy Water Soluble stabilizer should be out for delivery today! DD and I have decided to make a few Fiber Art Scarves for Christmas presents this year. With two art teachers, two sewing machines and a yarn stash that spans over thirty years, I'm sure we can come up with some marvelous, one-of-a-kind scarves. The best part is we might have tomorrow to try the technique out!

In case some of you have never seen or heard of these before, they are a no knit/no crochet type of scarf that you sandwich between layers of the water soluble stabilizer, free stitch on the machine and soak the stabilizer away. This leaves a beautiful open and airy scarf that can be embellished with beading, embroidery or whatever...

I found an example/inspirational picture which I am posting today, here:

I hope to post pictures of our works in progress and some final results when we embark on our adventure in Fiber Art Scarves. Have a great weekend, everyone!