Orange isn't just for Halloween!

I read somewhere online that the hottest, new color combination is Orange and Aqua. If you stop and really think about it, orange alone is a pretty hot color. I LOVE the color orange (probably a hold over from the 1970's when it was used everywhere, including my first kitchen's walls!). To pair it with aqua....who knew? After a short google image search I found some really unique ideas that paired the two colors. The follow pictures can inspire a whole new dimension to your thoughts on the color pairing.... Enjoy the eye candy!

I love this party table setting.....can you imagine attending a dinner party with this lovely table available upon which to dine?-------------------------------->

<--------Look at the "pop" of chartruese in this tablescape....

Then, of course, you'd have to wear a matching dress for the party...

It seems that the possiblities are endless on how orange and aqua can be used together to create a fun and lively color combination!