Fiber Art Scarves...The Saga Continues??

My last post was about an adventure in making Fiber Art Scarves. Sunday, I had the whole day to "play" with the process and as yet, I haven't completed Scarf #1. There was a bit of measuring and cutting preparation before I could even begin adding the fibers to the Solvy. Once I had everything in place and pinned together, it was then time to do the endless sewing of the sandwiched layers on the machine. After 6 hours of non-stop work and two spools of thread, I felt like I should call it finished. Being so tired after all of that, I decided to take the scarf to work and do the soaking there. (Yes, being an Art Teacher, I have that luxury!)

But oh no, that didn't happen! Upon taking it out and inspecting it one last time, I decided "What the Heck"... I have some gold metallic thread, I'll just add some hand stitched embellishments before I soak off the Solvy. So folks, that is where I stand. The hand stitched embellishments are half-way finished. I hope to have the scarf completed on Friday. Have no fear, though. Pictures have been taken every step of the way and I will share these. In the meantime, wish me happy hands and creative thoughts!!!