Newest Murder Mystery Party Game!

Just in time for Halloween! "Twisted at the Transylvanian" newest Murder Mystery Party Game. Here is the premise of the game:
The Transylvanian, a popular nightclub in town, is holding its yearly anniversary party. Mike Hobb, the club owner has sent out invitations to only a handful of friends and social elite to attend the gala event and have a howling good time. Unfortunately, poor Mike will never get to enjoy the party as he has been found dead at the bottom of the wine cellar stairs! Was his death due to natural causes…. or was it murder?
Some things might prove to be a bit “twisted” at the Transylvanian…
Help Detective I.C. Moore and the other guests figure out what really happened.
This game has all the traditional Halloween characters, but with a different "twist". Check out Red Herring Games for more details on this game and many others I've written. Next one up will be "Death at the Double D Ranch"...