Things are Tumbling the tumbling tumbleweed!

Working on my newest Mystery Script for Red Herring. This one is of the Western Genre' and I'm calling it "Death at the Double D Ranch". It's been coming right along with the plot and character development. I haven't been able to leave it alone since I started it! No spoilers, but I'll let all of you know some of the major characters: Sheriff, Redfeather and daughter, a cowboy, saloon owner, oriental cook, gambler, school marm, hired hand, dancehall girl, a drifter and a travelling medicine woman. The names for each character are very unique and the whole premise is reasonable but very predictable if you are a fan of the old time western stereotypes. I never thought I'd like to write one in this genre', let alone play one, but I think this will have something for everyone and be hilarously fun! Hope to have it finished before Thanksgiving.... :>)

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