Joshua Bland wins Indy Marathon!Winner of the 2009 Indianapolis Marathon

Hot off the Press...My nephew, Joshua Bland, won the Indianapolis Marathon yesterday! The picture I am posting was taken from the IndyStar (dot com). Josh has always been a joy to the family with his humour, good nature and dedication to sports and education. He's currently living in Chicago, after receiving his B.S. Degree. He's always competed in running events and I would have to say this is quite an accomplishment with over 6,000 people running in this event!

Sorry to toot the family whistle, but we are all so proud of him! Way to go, Josh! Hope you can come home for Thanksgiving!


  • Rosemary | October 19, 2009 9:53 AM

    Congrats to him, he should be so proud of this accomplishment!

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