I'm back!

Where did the time go? I believe the last time I posted was right before Halloween... On November 7th I broke my ankle...before I knew it it was Thanksgiving and now Christmas is almost here! Even though I was home re-couping, I kept busy with my needle work. I knitted 3 baby sweaters, a baby cocoon and have done 4 hat and scarf sets for Christmas gifts, crocheted myself a Christmas scarf and made a friend a ruffled twisty scarf for a gift.
Besides the knitting and crocheting, I edited two Mystery Party Games, hosted a family Thanksgiving Dinner, helped with my Ladies' Club entry for our town's "Festival of Trees", went back to work full time, have been doing my Holiday cookie baking and am hosting two Holiday parties in the next 3 weeks. Need I say things have been really busy for me????
The pattern for my Holiday scarf and all of the Ladies' scarves is my own creation. I love the textural quality of these scarves and I crocheted them using a variety of yarn, colors and hook sizes. I am so happy with my Christmas scarf, with the red bubbles down the center. They remind me of holly berries.
Sooo, I'm back and hope to start regular posting, soon. Happy Holidays to all!