100th Mystery Party Game!

When I embarked on writing murder mystery scripts, I never dreamed that within a year and a half I would sell this many games! Especially keeping in mind that it takes about 6 - 8 weeks to write each one and another few weeks to go through the editing process. So far I have written 10 games, eight for adults and two for children. My ninth and tenth are still in editing, but they should be out sometime this month.

I love the creative process involved and there is such a feeling of accomplishment when I type the final words, "Case closed.". My husband has a new pet name for me...Agatha Kathy. He is always getting roped into reading some of the lines aloud or being my guinea pig for some of the puzzles within the games. If I have a mental block in an area of a game, he'll make a suggestion that will spark a new twist or turn that I hadn't thought of. He's been right at my side and my biggest supporter.

I can't thank Joanne Smedley, the Managing Director of Red Herring Games, enough for her kindness, patience and for giving me a chance to express this other side of my creative nature. She opened a door to a whole new world for me!

So, off I go to contemplate my next cast, plot, setting and the all important "who-dunnit?"! In the meantime, you can peruse my published mysteries and I hope you'll take the opportunity to play one of my games sometime! Happy sleuthing!

(Image courtesy of www.demonfox.net)