Cute Hat for Christmas

My daughter asked me if I would make a last minute Christmas gift for a friend of hers at work ( for the 1 year old daughter of the friend) and I told her if she brought me a skein of yarn, I would gladly do it. When she brought me the yarn, I was dismayed that it was a light gray. At least she brought a bag of cute lady-bug buttons!
So with that, I embarked on the hat. Used a needle sized too large and hubby is ending up with a gray hat in his stocking. Then found the right sized needle and made a child sized hat...but gray for a little girl? Well, I couldn't stand it and started doing a little of this and a little of that and pretty soon I came up with the finished present. Of course I couldn't stop, so I made a pair of yarn "boots" in red, trimmed in gray and little white florals on each toe. (no buttons, as those could be a choking hazard)
Thought you would enjoy seeing my creation and my last needlework for this Holiday. I am hoping to start a freeform afgan in either off-white or a mustard color the first of the year. I think a solid color would show off all of the textures.