Gearing up for Halloween with Crafting...

The Gals over at Opus Gluei fired me up this week with their Challenge....anything crafted for Halloween. I wanted to share a shadowbox decoration I made a while back to sit on my mantle during this Season. Using a 5" X 5" chunky pre-stretched canvas, some paint, vintage clip art and other bits, it was finally finished! I think it turned out really cute! I also used several coats of decoupage medium and a final coat of crystal glitter to give it a frosty look. Oh yes, the "frame" was made from a free yardstick that just happened to be a tiny tad wider than the chunky canvas, which was perfect for the shadow box effect. The fake leaves, gourds and pumpkins are epoxied to the frame.

Here it is:

Opus Gluei Challenge #74