Whole Lotta Craftin' Goin' On! Halloween Altered Bag Book...

Fall rejuvenates me. Its this time of year that I really get my "craft" on and start making things I couldn't bring myself to start during the hot, lazy days of summer.

Thought I'd share my recently finished Halloween Altered Bag Book. I posted a 2 page spread earlier of the "Little Witches Dancing" and thought I'd show the rest of the book completed.

This is the cover. I used masking tape and several painting techniques before doing the Mod Podge transfer method for the image.

Here's another 2-page spread of just some random stuff I thought would look nice at the time.

I really like the crow and the Ouji Board idea that I saw in another Halloween Book on a search - yes, its NOT my original idea, but what the heck.... Thanks to the person who did think of it!!!!!

Here is the last page. By the time I was here, I just wanted to finish it. I already had the image, so just glued it in and added a few embellishments. I do seal all of the pages with either Mod Podge or clear acrylic spray for protection.

Hope you like it! It was fun to make.