Off Color - Are ya ready to "scrumble"?

For this week's challenge over at Opus Gluei, I decided to share this bizarre piece of knit and crochet scrumbling that I created. It is perhaps the oddest thing I have ever made! It started with a bag of vintage yarn my Mother found while she was cleaning out the attic. Most of the yarn was mine that I had bought in high school. I'm surprised it wasn't rotted! Anyway, I never use varigated yarn and this bag had such weird colors I felt challenged to put something together that made sense of all the unusual colors. I made two squares measuring approx. 12 x 12 inches and somehow I think the colors turned out working together...if nothing else they are very textural and interesting. Haven't decided if I will make a purse or a throw pillow with them. Hummm.....time will tell!