Perpetual Spring Chickens finished...

The Perpetual Spring Chicken series is completed... got all the wire feathers bent into shapes this morning. I think they turned out really cute. Scroll down a few posts and you can see what they looked like before firing and painting.


  • rebelhousewife | March 29, 2009 6:00 PM

    Those are really adorable.

  • Rosemary | March 30, 2009 10:18 AM

    Oh my gosh, these are too darn cute! I love them. Okay, I have to spend some time going through all the posts I can here to get even more crafty goodness.

    BTW, the next Opus-Gluei challenge is up already - it is "Go Green."

    We are a very chatty blog, we don't just post the challenge as:
    Theme - Toads and then run. We like to talk it to death (hee hee) since we're all excited about the challenge and what we made. We're nerdy that way!

    However, you could also certainly link this entry to the first challenge - Flights of Fancy - because these lovely gals certainly qualify!

    Come on over and play!