The Sweater, the Sweater....

It's finished....Yes! I finished the sweater on Friday, buttons and all! I wore it Saturday and it was perfect with my outfit, warm too. I am wearing it right now, as I type. I still would like to knit up some patch pockets to sew on for the front, but I am very happy with the finished product! For my next knitting project, a lace v-neck cardigan, it is suposed to be "easy", but I am not sure about all of the slipped stiches. I have only gotten far as rolling my yarn into balls.... I will be knitting up in an off white,brown/black slubbed yarn on size 5 and 8 needles. It won't go as quickly as my red sweater did, I'm sure.

Here is the link for the pattern:


(Courtesy of Crystal Palace Yarns - Free Patterns)

Wish me luck! I will post pictures of my progress on it. In the mean time, I will try and get the crocheted buttons instructions posted, in case anyone wants to give them a whirl. They are easy-peasy!