My Dad's Birthday...

Today is my Dad's birthday. He has been gone for too long. I miss him, but I think he knows that I am giving him a big Birthday hug!

Its also my sister-in-law's birthday...I always remembered her special day, because she shared it with Dad. To make a small world even smaller, my brother-in-law's birthday (her husband) shares the same birthday as my Mother, so I never forget his, either. Who would have thought?

Speaking of coincidence, my best friend was married on my daughter's birthday. Then my daughter had a friend who was born the same day as as my young cousin, who is my daughter's age. My nephew's birthday is the same day as my best friend's son. Too eerie...and there's probably more of these things I don't even realize! I feel like the old song, "I'm my own Grandpa!".

Here's to the end of a wonderful Thanksgiving! On toward the Holidays!


  • Robin Carr | April 28, 2009 8:17 PM

    Just now read this post. Here's a hug from me to Doit, too :) I miss seeing him around, but the idea is that one day was will all be reunited. A good thing :)